(image by Elibert Sievers)

The 1/8 scale Kyosho HOR featured here belongs to Elibert Sievers from Holland.  Elibert started out in RC about eight years ago with Tamiya electric cars and soon progressed to nitro race-cars.  Fast forward a little and someone showed up at Elibertís local RC club with a radio-controlled motorcycle.  That was it, Elibert was hooked and just had to get into the RC bike hobby.  Elibert chose to start into the bike hobby with a Kyosho HOR, a milestone bike if ever there was one.

(images by Elibert Sievers)

Elibertís bike is shown here without paint.  Elibert has already started modifying the bike, for instance heís installed a Graupner Speed 300 motor.  The Speed 300 motor has a modified endbell from a Multiplex motor; the modified endbell permits timing adjustments and brush change-outs whenever necessary.  Elibert custom made an adapter to fit the modified motor into the bike.

  (images by Elibert Sievers)

Lots of other modifications are in the works so we can look forward to seeing Elibertís bike transform into something special.  The bike will be painted in factory colors.

How does the bike perform so far?  Elibert reported that on the first run it felt a little slow and high speed cornering wasnít what he had expected but otherwise it handled like a dream and was very easy to run.  Sounds like an ideal bike to start off with.  Stay tuned for when the bike gets paint and other modifications.

We're planning to buy a Kyosho 1/8 bike in the future to round out our bike collection, meantime please visit for another keen enthusiast's take on this popular bike.


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